Wood vs Gas Fireplaces: Choose Wisely

There are so many people who are rather confused about choosing between the wood fireplaces or the gas fireplaces. Both of them are defined to be the traditional ways of wood burning fireplaces that are encountered in almost all the homes for sure.

wood vs gas fireplace

But figuring out the differences between the two is rather an intricate and daunting task. Let’s see which major factors make wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces different from each other!

Difference No 1: Logs of Wood and Gas

In the gas fireplaces, there is a placement of artificial logs. As because of the advancement in the technology, gas fireplaces would be offering out the authentic looking hand-painted ceramic log that comes complete with texture and charring.

But on the other side, the wood burning fireplace has been encountered with the burning wood and a gas fireplace burner emits flames from just below the logs.

Difference No 2: Factor of Maintenance

In terms of maintenance of the wood fireplaces, it would be coming into view with so much of the dangers. You need to clean up the wood burning stove as after every single time you will be using them. Building up of the ash can be messy.

Plus as compared to the gas fireplace, wood fireplaces can also generate creosote. A gas fireplace will only need to be checked periodically for carbon soot or a leak after a forceful storm.

Difference No 3: Easy to Use

As compared to the wood fireplace, you can easily make the use of the gas fireplace. This is mainly for the reason that it is available with the manual control valve that is operated like a barbecue.

This remote control would make you provide with the transmitters that function like a hand-held remote, or the wall switch, as well as automatic thermostat and with a timer.