How to Clean Your Fireplace

Do you sometimes find the issues in terms of cleaning your fireplace? What if we make you learn to clean your fireplace easily in just the times pan of 15 minutes?

how to clean your fireplace

Well, it is possible! Below we will be making you learn a complete step by step tutorial where you can learn about how you can clean your fireplace in just a quick and easy way.

Steps Needed for Fireplace Cleanliness

In order to clean the fireplace, you should be having kneeling pad, a shovel and brush set, a scrub brush, or the glass cleaner, an apron, a large plastic tarp, rubber gloves, plus the lidded trash can, used coffee grounds, a spray bottle filled with water, dishwashing liquid, a soft cloth and also paper towels.

Step No 1

First of all, you have to wait around for the time of 24 hours so that the last burned ashes in the fireplace will get cool down.

Step No 2

After it, you will be putting an apron and lay a plastic tarp in front of the fireplace.

Step No 3

Now it’s time to situate yourself over the kneeling pad. While doing this step, make sure you have worn the rubber gloves, remove logs, or the tinder, and the grate.

Step No 4

In the next step, you will be sprinkling the used coffee grounds on top of the ashes to minimize flyway’s. You will be going to sweep hence each interior wall top to bottom with the usage of the fireplace brush. This step will require about 3-5 minutes of time.

Step No 5

Now you will be going to sweep each single of the screen as from top to bottom with the fireplace brush.

Step No 6

If your fireplace has been infused with the glass doors, then you will be applying the hearth cleaner to the back and front of each door. You have to wipe or clean one panel at one time.