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Hey guys and gals. I’m Bart and this is the Orient Fire Department website. No, I’m not a fire fighter, but I’m putting out fires before they start. We’re fireplace experts and we want to help you with your fireplace needs.

Many homeowners don’t realize the risks of having a fireplace. If they’re not used and maintained properly, you’re putting your home and risk of catching on fire.

Don’t worry, this website isn’t all doom and gloom. Orient Fire Department will also help you find the perfect fireplace for your home. I’ve been a fireplace remodeler for over 30 years. While I’ve retired from duty, I still want to help people get the perfect fireplace for their home.

My blog posts will also go over different styles and burning options to help you get exactly what you want for your home.

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Different Parts of a Fireplace

Your fireplace can be made of 22 components. For you to be able to solve problems and stay on top of maintenance it is important to know the different parts of your fireplace.

parts of a fireplace

Also, if you are the type that doesn’t like doing things yourself, knowing these parts of your fireplace will enable you to be able to talk to experts in the field of a fireplace, anytime you need to have maintenance or repair job done on your fireplace.

Below are the basic components that together form your fireplace so as to be able to function properly.

The Foundation

This is made of heavy brick or cinder block and offers the structural support for the walls of the chimney.

The Footing

This is made of concrete, it is also the surface under the ash pit used in some older houses or the firebox in houses where you can’t find an ash pit.

The Ash Pit

 This is always located in the basement where all the ashes are collected. Though there are Some fireplaces which may not have ash pit, it’s cleaned directly from the firebox.

The ash pit is designed to have a cleanout door, which is located in the basement or outside at the base of the chimney, this enables you to get in the ash pit so as to be able to clean out the ash.

The Ash Dump

This refers to an opening in the firebox through which ashes falls into the ash pit. Sometimes ash dump may or may not have ash dump door which you may use can open to dump the ash.

This is also called an inner hearth because it is also the area in which you build and also light the fire. The firebox is covered with firebrick, this is a brick made of fireclay which can withstand any fire at high temperatures. Firebrick can also be crack or weaken after years of use.

The Fireplace Doors

 Some of these doors are made of glass or metal which can prevent air to be transferred between the chimney and the room.

The Hearth

This is called the outer hearth or heart extension, this is the area for the firebox or fireplace made of bricks to reduce the risk of fires.

The Mantle

Is the decorative shelf which is above the fireplace. Which originally helps to catch the smoke and also prevent it from entering the room.

While the lintel is the architectural feature which supports the bricks, stones and other materials on the front of the fireplace which is above the opening.

The Damper

This is located above the firebox, and it controls the air flow of the chimney. It prevents hot air from escaping from the chimney and cold air can flow through the chimney to your house.

This also prevents rainwater and animals from entering your home.

The Chimney Crown

This is the concrete or the mortar which seals the top edge of the masonry chimney. This helps to keep water out of the brick and also the mortar of your chimney and also protect it from damage.

The Chimney Cap 

Most times this is often made of stainless steel, a chimney cap keeps water, animals, and dirt from your fireplace. The cap keeps away animals, leaves, and other dirt outside, also it helps to keep away sparks from landing on your roof or your garden which can cause a fire.

There are a lot of fireplace parts attached to your fireplace and for you to have a save fireplace you must ensure that they all are working well.